Talk on Renewable and non-renewable – When are resources greener and more sustainable

05:05 17 January in SGI Talks

Eminent Scientist from Germany Prof. Klaus Kummerer interacted with the institutions Agri-Business Management students on “Renewable and non-renewable – When are resources greener and more sustainable?” during virtual SGITalk .

During his talk Prof. Klaus mentioned that “Renewable resources such as biomass specifically grown or as food waste and agricultural waste are nowadays seen as the better alternative. However, is it always true that renewable resources and products made of them are always the greener and more sustainable ones?”

As part of the effort to reduce the gap between theory and practical Food and Agri Business School (FABS) is regularly conducting these talks. Students get an opportunity to directly interact with sectoral experts on burning issues related to the Food & Agri Business sector and the corporate sector.

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