Success Stories


   Bolla Navya

Placed in Way cool

“I really enjoyed my experience at Food and Agri Business School! I had some GREAT teachers and made some good friends. This school definitely prepared me to be a great Agri business Manager and I am confident that I know what I need to successfully make it in theAgri business field.”

Kandula kumar

Placed as Agronomist in Coromandel

“I love my job. I love serving farmers. Earning PGDABM at FABS is the best thing I have ever done”


   Shubam Patel

Placed in Vedamsa

“I’m happy with my life and the choices that I’ve made. I’m incredibly grateful to Food and Agri Business School for my experience.”


Placed in Sinochem

“I would recommend PGDABM from FABS for those who want to become Agri entreprenuers and Managers”

tathmanada reddy

 Tathmananda Reddy

Placed in Way cool

“Awesome! That is the first word that comes to my mind-not only about my experience with the training, but with the college as a whole!”