Dr. B Saha

13:05 10 September in regular-faculty

Dr. B. Saha has more than 30 years experience in highly reputed multinational and Indian companies including Pfizer, Monsanto, Lalbhai Group, Gharda Chemicals, Vinati Organics (President) and Nagarjuna Group (Director – R&D).


He is Ph.D (Management), MBA, Ph.D (Chemistry), M.Sc (Chemistry-Gold Medalist) and has been Visiting Faculty in reputed Management Institutes such as Welingkar Institute of Management Studies and Research, Shailesh J Mehta School of Management (IIT), Somaiya Institute of Management and Manipal University. Dr. Saha is/was Editorial advisory board member of American Chemical Society’s “ACS Agricultural Science and Technology Journal”, “Agri Business Global, USA”, “Farm Chemicals International – USA”, Carbohydrate Newsletter and Editor of “Indian Society of Environment Science and Technology Newsletter”. He was also Chairman of “Crop World India 2011 and 2012” Conferences.


Dr. Saha is invited by organizations like Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Bombay Chamber of Commerce and others to conduct All India Seminars on diverse topics such as “Total Quality Management”, “Productivity Improvement”, “Japanese Quality Management Techniques” etc.



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