Director’s Message


Director, Sagar Group of Institutions


For long term growth and sustainability of food and agribusiness enterprises and support institutions, they need to focus on social and environmental concerns just as they do on profits and foster innovative win-win institutional arrangements to firmly establish agro ecological production practices and green agribusiness practices in the value chain. FABS initiated consultative processes to review and enrich curriculum; strengthen interactive and experiential learning processes in its education and training programmes.  Search is on to identify and invite competent faculty to firmly establish principles of co-learning, joint problem solving, co-creation and praxis in the design and conduct of agribusiness management programme across courses and experiential learning modules.


FABS seek support of well-wishers and stakeholders including alumni, current students, partners from industry, faculty and staff in shaping FABS as an institution of excellence in the domain of food and agribusiness management.

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