Digital Transformation of Education

08:04 22 July in blog

Technology is playing a magical role in reimagining how we impart education. At Sagar Group of Institutions, Hyderabad we walk the talk by adopting the latest innovations. We are delighted to adopt CollPoll platform for end-to-end digital transformation of academic as well as administrative activities of our institutions.

Key features of SGIH’s CollPoll platform are:
1. Access to all important information such as time-table, attendance, etc.
2. Cashless Campus with option to make online payments.
3. Digital Classes with lesson plans, e-resources, assignments, live quizzes and discussion forum.
4. Artificial Intelligence Proctored Digital Examinations.
5. Help Centre with all the campus services at your fingertips.
6. Campus Social Network to stay connected and informed.
7. Native Mobile Applications on Android and iOS for anytime, anywhere access.


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