Agricultural Business Management Courses

AICTE Approved 2Yrs. Full Time Program

Our Campus

The campus is located at a healthy and picturesque location called “Flame of Forest” at about 40Km from the Hyderabad city centre, Telangana. The location is a very beautiful picturesque area and is known by its endemic presence of beautiful “Flame of Forest” grooves. The institution is part of an integrated campus designed in sprawling 45 acre campus. Apart from FABS the campus houses Sagar Business School (SGBS) and Sagar Institute of Technology (SITECH) all of which have synergy and complementarities. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is just 30 Km away from the campus.



FABS is part of an integrated campus consisting of Sagar Business School, Sagar Institute of Technology and FABS. The infrastructure is so designed to have synergy among different Schools with individual buildings for each school and common facilities such as library, Administrative area, Canteen etc. FABS students can have practical models of business activities in about 25 acre agri estate in the neighborhood.



FABS has an excellent and uniquely designed library which will be the pride of its students. All the students will have access to the state-of-the-art central library. It is one of the finest libraries stocking books and journals both in physical and digital form.


Class Rooms

Specially designed in semi-circular theater format that ensures participative learning, all the classrooms are equipped with latest communication equipment. Each student admitted to the PGDM (Agri Business) will be provided with a laptop. Students will be able to use laptops from their seats in the classroom.


Business Communication Lab

FABS has a state of the art Computer & Communications Lab . The students will be working in a WiFi enabled networked environment.



We believe that students learn as much from their group work and mutual interactions as they learn from the instructors in the classroom. Hence, we have made the programme fully residential. All students are provided with well furnished single occupancy rooms with common meeting and recreation rooms and coffee dispensing machines. Separate blocks are provided for boys and girls.



Most of the innovative learning takes place while having a sip of coffee in a group. To cater to this need, a sprawling canteen with modern kitchen is available with WiFi connectivity. This will be the best part of the campus and the buzzing centre of activity in the campus.



Students should live not in an intellectually stimulating environment but also should have facilities for physical activities to keep their body fit. Facilities are created for indoor and outdoor sports like Table Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Football and Cricket. And possibly a gym would be made available to complement the above facilities.



Transport will be provided to the students for their weekly visits to the city for shopping and entertainment activities.