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AICTE Approved 2Yrs. Full Time Program

IT & Communication Lab

IT Lab

Computer Center is well equipped with a state-of-the-art Local Area Network(LAN), providing multi-user environment on Windows platform. Facilities include contemporary packages like Microsoft Office Productivity Tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher). The curriculum encourages interactive use of computers as an integral part of the learning process. campus wide fiber optic & Wi-Fi network is in place that allows faculty and students to log on to the Internet at any point of time. The college has 2 computer labs with 90 systems and both labs has an access to internet facility powered by dedicated leased lines (60 MBPS) is open for all the students & staff even after college hours to help them spend extra time to make use of the abundant information available on the Internet.


Communication Lab

India’s attractiveness as a business destination is based on its talent pool with a strong grounding in English language as much as technical skills. Effective communication in English demands an optimal synchronization of words, sounds and structures of the language. Our multimedia Communication Skills Lab is a highly interactive learning tool with focus on the language requirements of the students in today’s competitive world. Along with the practice in English, phonetics facility has been created for activities such as Role Play, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews and other confidence enhancing activities.



We also capture the activities of the students on video and play It back with the purpose of evaluating and guiding the students to achieve a professionally acceptable communication.